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Snow Bunny Blog is dedicated to all the white girls who love black cock. This interracial porn site features interracial pics, videos, and DVD reviews. Read interracial sex stories of young white girls and bored white wives turned into black cock worshipping sluts. Cuckold husbands and humiliated fathers will only be able to watch in horror as they see white pussy defiled by black cock and cum. If you are under 18 or offended by interracial porn, please leave.

Since a few people have written wanting to know more about who I am, I decided to put up this little “About Me” page.

I’m your average, 24 year old, Southern girl who grew up in a small town and somehow developed an obsession with black men. LOL…not so “average”, huh? There weren’t a lot of black people in my neighborhood, but I did go to high school with a few black guys. In my junior year of high school, I was a cheerleader, and that’s when I first started to notice them. During the basketball games, I would watch the players run up and down the court and the black guys always had the best bodies – big arms, strong legs, lots of muscles, and sometimes I could see the print of their dicks inside their basketball shorts. The white guys on the team were cute too, I guess, but there was something about the black guys that just made my pussy wet. During a game, sometimes I could barely concentrate on getting the cheers right because I had a little puddle in my panties..lol. I guess that’s where I got my love for skinny black guys with big dicks. I swear, the only reason I watch basketball is so I can fantasize about the players. I’ve even dated a couple of NBA guys, but I can’t tell you who. *wink*

I lusted plenty in my heart, but it wasn’t until college that I dated my first black guy. Well, maybe “dated” isn’t the right word. He had a black girlfriend and I had a white boyfriend and the two of us fucked around on the side. We lived in the same dorm but on different floors and sometimes we would skip class so that we would have time to fuck without my boyfriend finding out. We fucked around for almost a whole year and in that time he gave me the best sex that I had ever had up until that point. He’s the one who turned me into a true black cock slut. I did anything and everything he asked me to. He would make me walk all the way across campus with my pussy full of his cum until it leaked out of my panties and started to drip down my thigh. Sitting in class like that was the sweetest kind of torture.

One day, his roommate came back early from class and caught us with my ass in the air and his dick half-way up my poop-chute. Well, I was like a bitch in heat at that point. I didn’t turn him away, but invited him to come over so that I could satisfy my oral fixation. The two of them filled me with several loads of cum from either end that afternoon. From that day on, the three of us fucked every chance we could get. I’m a screamer and I like to talk dirty, so I’m sure everyone who lived on their floor heard me moaning and begging for their black dicks. We still tried to keep it a secret for a while, but one day I walked into the cafeteria and saw all of the guys at their table smiling at me and looking at me in a new way.

I knew right then that the two of them had told all their friends about what a slut I was. I could feel them all staring and looking me up and down. My cheeks were burning, I was so embarrassed that day, but when I got back to my dorm room, I closed the door and thought about how all those black guys were looking at me and I played with my pussy until I squirted for the very first time. Even after that, the three of us still fucked around for a while, and I started fucking a lot of different black guys on campus. I guess the word was out about how I couldn’t resist any black dick that came my way. I fucked football players, basketball players, and regular students. I didn’t discriminate. I even sucked off my African-American Studies teacher (I took the class because I figured it was a good way to meet more black guys). I guess part of me loved having all those black guys knowing that I might look high class on the outside, but deep down, I’m worse than the dirtiest slut they know.

These days, I meet most of the black guys I know in nightclubs. I love rap music (my favorite rapper is Kanye West.so cute) and I hang out in mostly hip-hop clubs. I love to get on the dance floor either by myself or with my girlfriends. Somehow, I always end up in the middle of a crowd of black guys with one pressing his cock up against my pussy in the front and another one pressing his dick against my backside. So far, I’ve only been with two black guys at the same time, but I would love to be in the middle of a real all-black cock gangbang. My parents don’t know that I like to fuck black guys. I know if they ever found out, they’d flip out and completely disown me. I would love to star in my own interracial site. I’ve taken a few naughty pictures and it really turns me on to think about other guys (especially white guys) watching me fuck every black guy I can find. But for right now, I’ve decided to keep my pictures off the internet. If my dad or any of his friends ever came across my site, he’d be so embarrassed and sooooooo PISSED!

White guys have never been able to give me the same feeling that I get with black guys. Most of them have smaller dicks and just can’t fill me up the way I like it. Plus, I don’t get that same submissive feeling when I fuck white guys. I don’t have a husband yet, but when I do, I hope that he likes watching me fuck black guys. I plan on making my white husband a cuckold and coming home with a pussy full of black cum so I can put him on black cum clean-up duty.

So that’s my story. If you have any more questions or suggestions about what you would like to see on Snow Bunny Blog, please send me a note through the contact form.

Black Cum Kisses!

Snow Bunny

Posted on 10.02.07 by Snow Bunny
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48 Responses to “About Me”

  1. jackie Says:

    hi Swow Bunny,
    Really great blog!! i love it and I love black cock as well.
    I am a sissy white guy that loves to dress up and love to fantasizes about big black cock in my ass…
    keep it up. I love it.

  2. raymond Says:

    Damn. U wanna get married?

  3. Jorge Says:

    Snowbunny, weren’t you on Springer recently?

  4. Snow Bunny Says:

    No, Jorge I sure wasn’t. I’ve never been on Springer. What was the show about?

  5. dorrell Says:

    that story sounds too good to be true

  6. Naledge Says:

    Damn i wish i wouldve met you a couple years back lol i wouldve loved to be the one turnin you out.

  7. mike Says:

    i love all your post snowbunny……keep me cumn!!!good shit..drop me a line!!!

  8. Jake Says:

    LOL u keep contributing to the stereo type that girls that fuck niggers are whores. Black people are actually dumber than most people Dr. Watson, who won a noble prize for discovering the DNA helix did some studies LOL

  9. SnowBunny Says:

    Wow. Thanks for your insight Jake. What’s a racist like you doing on my blog anyway?

  10. Jake Says:

    Its not racist, its just a fact, look it up. I’m not racist but I do hold stereo types, as do all people, including ur self.

  11. Jake Says:

    ..Anyways I’m sure all this ‘cuckold’ BS where white men are made to look inferior isn’t racist at all right?

  12. Snow Bunny Says:

    What’s racist about a cuck who wants to see his wife get satisfied?

  13. Jake Says:

    Nothing, until the ‘Cuck’ is demeaned and made inferior to, called a ‘wussy’ or a ‘sissy.’ Do you somehow not see how that is racist?

  14. surm00 Says:

    Totse says go fuck yourself you spamming whore!

  15. Silverfuck Says:

    I hope you lock up all the good silver before your interracial sex romps.

  16. bobby nasty Says:

    I was hoping for something else besides this, but I just wanted to say, the blog is awesome, I liked alot more before the change, but its till in my XxX favorites. I wish you had some pics up, not nude but just of who you are. This BBC would love to see who makes him happy. Its no fun fucking with the lights off.

    b. Nasty

  17. SnowBunny Says:

    What did you mean “before the change” Bobby? What did you like about it before that’s different now? I’m glad you’re sticking with it and I’m always eager for feedback on how I can make things better.

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    [...] I saw this DVD title, I LOL’d. It’s the story of my life! Well, I didn’t fuck the ENTIRE basketball team, but I’ve certainly fucked my share of [...]

  19. Randy Wagman Says:

    wow you wanna get married? i would marry you anyday of the year

  20. SnowBunny Says:

    LOL. Thanks Randy. I’m not quite finished sowing all my wild oats yet, but your offer is very sweet. :)

  21. Kol Nodre Says:

    This is some Jewish bullshit. No white women would talk like this, nor would a Black person want to have sexual relations such as depicted as this. Only a jew could do this and whites need to see how they pimp blacks to get their point across

  22. Snow Bunny Says:

    Jewish bullshit? I’m not Jewish at all — grew up going to a Baptist church — but I’m still offended.

    If you think that white women don’t talk and think like this or that women in general don’t talk and think about sex as much (or more often) than men do, then you have a very narrow view of women.

  23. Jebediah Says:

    Your a fucking filthy whore. Let’s all hope you get AIDS and die you fucking racist disgrace of a human being.

  24. danielle Says:

    hi snow bunny i am a white girl 19 yrs old and i have just got started fucking blacks and yes they are the biggest dick around and they are the best. i had only be fucking white boys up to now and i had been with over 150 white boy and i sucked 1 mexicans dick anyway i posted on clist and got replys from like 15 black stud in like 3 days anyway i make a plan to get away a fuck them i traveled like 100 miles for black dick their are black studs where i live but they arent intered in me or something well i got picked up at a gas station by 3 black studs they toke me to 1 of their houses and when i walked there 10 other black stud was there most was muscular but about 4 was fat and 1 had a carma but i wanted to flim me too i just never was good with a carma but i had be watching interracial porn alot so i knew there dicks was huge anyway we talked about 10 min about then i started to strip and i started to rub my 36 dd boops on their dicks and they all undress and i saw all thier dick 8 of them had 12 IN DICKS shit the biggest white boy i had was 7 in none was smaller then 10.5 in black dick so i told them i wanted to deepthaot thew all the way but i didnt know if i could so i told them i would them to force thier dick down my thaot i wanted to be used. they did i was sucking black dick it was delicous then then put me on the floor and fucked the shit out of me one at a time and they all give my a facial 1 even called me a white bitch and that was the first time i like being called a bitch after that they are started calling me things like whore cum dumpester i loved it then they dp me and i had the best orgams ever. ONCE U GO BLACK U DONT GO BACK I WILL NEVER FUCK OR SUCK A WHITE BOY AGIAN p.s. i have been trying to get on a interracial porn site for like months but i cant fine anything, on clist i posted a ad but the only replys was from white boy porn sites maybe u know how to get on blacksonblondes.com please help your black dick loveing sister danielle. ///////////// P.S. Kol Nodre sounds like a arbic name u know arbic hate women we get raped and we are sent to prison, or we are burned live because we started our perionds. but noe jebediah sounds like a jewish name. ////////////////// I LOVE BLACK DICK PLASE HELP ME I CANT FIND AWAY TO GET ON INTERRACIAL PORN SITES PREFERED BLACKSONBLONDES TO HAVE MY WHITE PUSSY POUNDED BY BIG BLACK DICKS ON THE INTERNET.

  25. danielle Says:

    hi me again just to let you know i found this fun site called dark-secret.com i dont know if you know bout it yet.

  26. dan Says:

    i would let you fuck all the black studs you want and i would clean the cum out of your pussy and ass until you wanted to be black bled and then i would just lick the cum out of your ass. i just wish you would give me a blowjob for it.

  27. SnowBunny Says:

    Awww…dan. That’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me ALL DAY :D I’d love to come home to a guy who didn’t mind me smelling like a black man’s sweat scent.

  28. twistedfaery Says:

    Hey Snowbunny,

    Damn there are some weird people out there but, i found your site and just thought I’d say that i love watching my missus getting fucked by big dicked black guys.
    I’m in no way a cuck, Im a fit white guy with a big cock myself, but there is just something about watching a hot white woman taking thick black cock in all her holes that is just soooo hornny.

  29. twistedfaery Says:

    OOps forgot to say that you keep doing what you love doing bunny because there are plenty of you out there :-)

  30. Snow Bunny Says:

    Thanks twistedfaery!

    That means a lot to me! I know there are lots of girls out there who love black cock just as much as I do, but a lot of ‘em are too scared to talk about it.

    So I do it for all of them and all of you guys who like watching white girls go black! :)

  31. dan Says:

    That is me!
    Go Black girls just let me lick the cum up!!

  32. twistedfaery Says:

    Anytime bunny, we have a filthy night of Black Domination for C coming up on Sat 2nd May, cant wait :-)

  33. andrew harvey Says:

    i just wish more little white princesses would realise how precious and powerful black men are. their cum is to be cherished by white men and women alike. white girls should just let themselves go and lose their inhibitions

  34. sissywhiteboy Says:

    hey, bunny
    great site, keep up the good work. The thoughts I had when I read your about me were:
    1. this woman is perfect
    2. me and my big black friend should hook hook up with this girl
    comment back if you want more details on me and my black friend. Keep up the good work, bunny.

  35. Snow Bunny Says:

    Thanks sissywhiteboy! I’m not Candy Monroe, but I like her style. ;)

    Tell me more about your black friend. Oh, and have a Happy New Year!

  36. sissywhiteboy Says:

    well, his name is donald, but we call him anaconda. I’m sure you can guess why, but just in case, let me spell it out for you: 12 by almost 2 inches of pain! He is 6’4, 250lbs, is very dominant, and LOVES white girls. He is very strong, all muscles, and he will pick girls up when he is making love and do it in mid air. He’ll have you begging to stop, then for more! I on the other hand, am VERY submissive. If you are into Candy Monroe’s style, then i’m your sissy. Anything you want is yours.

  37. sissywhiteboy Says:

    hit me back if you’re interested in anaconda and humiliating me. but enough about us, tell me a little bit more about you.

  38. Sissywhiteboy Says:

    are you interested in anaconda? I’ll hook you two up if you let me clean up. :)

  39. CDC Stats Says:

    Blacks are 13% of the US population,yet are responsible for 49% of all documented HIV/AIDS cases.Black males HIV incidence rate is 6-11 x’s that of white men and three times higher than Latino men. (source:CDC)

    ..good luck and let us know how the antiretrovirals go–Cheers.

  40. razorback69 Says:

    hey I love your blog and if you were my g/f or wife I’d get every drop outta you and send you back out for more ;) .

  41. SnowBunny Says:

    Thanks razorback! That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s said to me all day :)

  42. C_money Says:


  43. Freedom Says:

    I have a problem with this stereotypical bull. I am considered “African American” however I do not play my role in society.

    What is disturbing in porn and in this little community is, “interracial” relationships do not need to be seen as taboo, myth-generated, unnatural, stereotypical, and unsafe.

    So apparently, I must not be a man or a “black man” because my penis is below 7 inches huh? But everything about “interracial” porn indicates that I am not a man period.

    Ever stereotypical view from this “blog” indicates I should not dare court a woman similar to those who do “ir” porn… I wouldn’t want to because many women in porn are emotionally damaged, but this does transfer over into reality.

    Reality indicates that all “brothers” should have a swinging large penis, much like black porn “stars”.

    So I am confused. Should I kill myself now but beforehand, let the many average men know, they should also kill themselves because they do not life with a large black penis?

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    [...] black guys. They love rap music and basketball players. Black guys are the new hotness! When I was their age, I was just starting to be curious about black guys, but I guess these girls have caught the black [...]

  45. cockenvy Says:

    oooooh baby! I love your profile! I would but u a house, car, shoes, clothes, make up, perfume, lingerie, salon /massage sessions, take u to night clubs, chauffer you & you lover(s) around to dinner. I would love to have you sit on my fave while you are fucking & have a black man cum be forced into my mouth by you! I’m not gay but I l’d love to do that! I’m going to jack my ‘lil 4 inch penis off now!

  46. cockenvy Says:

    mmmm I would just luv to kiss your pussy after your dates!

  47. Shakereesha Says:

    I am and intellidgent, pretty black girl and it really upsets me how y’all brothas out there keep choosing dem white girlz over us. its just wrong yo, and it duznt feel good man. that is all.

  48. Black guy Says:

    I think we should be moving away from this racism about pointing out people’s skin colors. We’re all people, why make an issue out of skin color?
    all i see is girls fucking guys. not black this or white that, just people. fucking.

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